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IoT / sharing

PiNE / sharing business startup

We developed a sharing platform to solve issues due to aging and labor shortages. We launched it as business and are promoting commercialization with joint business development partners.

Skillshare service startup

We developed a platform business to match a lot of hidden resources around us with people needing them, such as people with special skills, unused space, tools staying asleep in the house, etc. (PoD Co., Ltd.)
As a first step of it, we are developing a matching platform service “Pianoba” for those who want to teach and those who want to learn music.

Study of a route optimization for collecting and transporting waste

We conducted a study to reduce carbon by a route optimization for collecting and transporting waste, using ICT and AI technology.

Health management support service

We have supported for the development of a health management support service using IoT in a new healthy office business.

area management

Cooperation with Portland

Portland is the best practice for compact cities, environmentally advanced cities, and creative cities. We concluded a memorandum of understanding with Portland Development Commission for the popularization of “attractive town development from the viewpoint of residents”.

Support for new tourism business

We have supported new accommodation business utilizing idle assets to connect inbound tourists with attractive local resources and revitalize regions.

Support for start-up of Electricity business by local organizations

We support start-up and operation of Electricity business of organizations that manage their regions. First of all, we have supported some shopping street for studying schemes, operation, PR activities, etc. (Shopping street energy)
‹example› Oyama Mirai Co., Ltd.

Phase Free × Smart City

Phase free is the concept of eliminating daily and emergency barriers and improving QOL in various scenes. We develop phase-free activities for all smartcity products, solutions, services and businesses. We promote the spread of a phase-free society through the realization of smart cities as an action partner.


Community energy business centered on clean centers

We plan workshops aimed at the utilization of energy derived from waste treatment, and provide simulation tools for the advancement of energy utilization.

Environmental awareness program related to SDGs

We provide clean center management games for SDGs and workshops for making mospets, for example.

Corporate branding support

We support corporate SDGs practice and planning of PR tools and space design in collaboration with design companies.

New power business consulting

We strengthen supply and demand management at the beginning of a new power business, support partnering, and support planning differentiated service such as RE100 service.

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