Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

5th layer Lifestyles, culture and art

4th layer Life services

3rd layer Smart infrastructure

2nd layer Basic infrastructure

1st layer Real estate development

Digital signage

The development of ICT has enabled the real-time dispatch of information through digital signage in any place, even outdoors. Moreover, digital signage helps provide consumers with information in the required amounts and at the right moment, which was impossible with conventional outdoor signs, local information magazines or brochures. Digital signage, thus, contributes to reducing the use of paper, which in turn will lead to the reduction of environmental impact and CO2 emissions, protection of the global environment, including the conservation of natural resources and the curtailment of energy consumption.

Big data analysis (in-memory computing)

The amount of data collected and stored by companies is explosively increasing, which often remains to be productively used. Aiming to utilize such “big data” for more effective business management, a technology called “in-memory computing” has been developed. This could help improve business efficiency and lead to real-time business innovations through the analysis of more than 100 million pieces of data in seconds, which is enabled by replacing hard disk processing with in-memory processing.